Ken and Jim practice hand gestures

The cinematographer for Katie's Dog was my friend and lifelong professional cinematographer, K. James Peterson.

A slider shot

Ken not only knows how to light a scene, he's experienced with complex camera moves that end up looking simple in the film.

Piper on Sound

Piper is always a pleasure to work with. Great sound and a thoughtful alert person on set. For Katie's Dog we got the bonus of having Monique accompany Piper and, as expected, Monique was super useful on set.

Rin, our costar

The old saying among filmmakers is "never work with kids or animals!" Both can be unpredictable and hard to wrangle. But, Rin, playing Katie's actual dog, was both friendly and predictable. Of course, much of the credit goes to Lyn Rasmussen, Rin's owner and trainer.