Working as Director or DP


I've directed all of my own films, meaning that I've made all the worst mistakes and learned some of the most important lessons on my own time. And I've directed a number of short films for other filmmakers. This is fun, challenging, and a wonderful journey. I love taking the writer's vision and figuring out how to translate it into images and actions for actors and DPs. The craft of working with actors and crew is a wonderful, exhausting, crazy and beautiful thing. Bringing in a director to work on your film brings a fresh heart and mind to your project.

I also edited all of my own films, and a few by others as well plus all the commercial projects. It turns out that understanding editing is a critical skill for being a successful director.

This reel about working with actors doesn't have a bunch of recent stuff, but it's still a good look at capabilities.

Director of Photography

With my background in photography, I started out shooting my own films. Eventually I realized that I couldn't be my own DP and still focus on directing. But I love being behind the camera. I continue to shoot short films (yeah and a zombie feature!) for other filmmakers.

My DP style is collaborative, first and foremost, to deliver the feeling the director is looking for. Second, it is based on a reverence for light and shadow and for the feeling of natural light. I'm always eager to work on any good film project.

I'm decently equipped and willing to beg, borrow or rent anything special that your production calls for. An overview of gear is on this page. But more important is my eye and my heart. Check out this cinematography reel. (March 2019)

Gear I shoot with is listed on this page.