About One Last Sunset REDUX

One Last Sunset was a fun project, Produced and Directed by Kevin Richmond. The film was shot over several weeks in 2009 and 2010. The story had a heart in its tale of two sisters who believe they may be the only people to survive the apocalypse.

But when filmmaker Kevin Richmond decided to expand the film to full feature length, I was both delighted and scared! We had a lot of fun shooting all the new material, working with some new talent (like Dahlia Legault) and familiar faces (like Brandy Brown, Clemeen Connolly).

This was also shot with the Sony EX1 and now using the Canon 5D and 60D with a variety of lenses. Julia Kenny was a capable camera assistant; Chris Medico did one of his car rigs for us.

An added element in the REDUX shoot was the backstory of this character. We see her as a perfectly normal elementary school teacher; with bland, ordinary lighting.

But when the school is invaded by the zombie horde, the hallway turns into a dark deathtrap and the teacher has to run for her life and begins to crack.

Like the earlier version, lots of exteriors, in this case, the teacher has broken down living in isolation and the knowledge that she could not save her partner.

And, in this full version of the story, we get to see how the girl in the pink dress got sick and would turn into the creepy zombie we saw before.