Welcome to Turnip Films

Operating since 1999 as "Turnip Films," this is the web site for Jim McQuaid's personal film work. I've made about twenty short films for myself and worked on or shot another twenty or so for other filmmakers. Virtually all of my personal work is narrative fiction. "Film work" includes many different efforts as a screenwriter as well.

Turnip's core work is concerned with the basics of human connection and its loss in some form.

The October Newsletter

Please get on the mailing list if you can - you'll only get about three or four of these in a year! This one had a link to two of my films.

  Commercial Work?

We also do a variety of commercial projects ranging from reality shows to simple interviews. You may want to look at our other web site, turnipvideo.com.

"We" in this case means myself and any of a loose team of folks I have collaborated with on many different projects.

I am always interested in meeting other filmmakers and writers and helping out with others' film work as time permits. Get in touch and let's do lunch!

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