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  Film Projects: Two films recently finished!

By a strange twist of fate, we recently finished TWO films. Memory of a Kiss and Scene. Memory of a Kiss is our second exploration of how dementia changes the life of families. Scene is a quirky, simple drama about an actress who isn't making it in LA. Just two actors and one camera setup. Check out their pages.

  Writing Projects!

I started out to write a short about a woman who was successful but still had some kind of restlessness she could not quite understand. Gradually events begin to move her toward changes, some expected and some that threaten to undo much of her life.

It was a lot to do in a short with any kind of realism, since so much of this is a kind of feeling that lurks under the surface of life. So as I tried to write this, the project grew. The result - for now - is a 100-page script.

The script is finished in the sense of all the parts have been located. But it has a lot of work still ahead of it to remove numerous defects, some of which I know about and most of which will be pointed out by readers who know how to read a screenplay and are willing to give real feedback and critique. Hey, if I had a thin skin I wouldn't be making films anymore!

If you are such a person, please contact me and I will provide you with the script to review. Knowing me personally is not a requirement and might be an advantage.

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