The Cast of Memory Of A Kiss

Here's the film's cast. The three principals performed in the staged reading and I was fortunate they were willing and able to extend that performance into the film.

Owen Daly portrays the Father. Despite his dozing in and out of a demented nap, the Father is the central prescence in the room. It was fascinating to realize, when editing the film, that Owen - veteran actor that he is - had developed a specific and repeatable set of muted reactions to every part of the story despite having only one actual line in the film. Cheryl McConnell portrays the Mother. Her reflections on her past and her memories drive the film. Eric Morales is the Son, dutifully helping his Father and Mother and wondering about his own future.
Maigan Kennedy plays the Mother as a high school girl. Drew Matthews plays the Mother's high school boyfriend. Whitney Griffin plays the Son's girlfriend.

I found a great young actor to play the Son as a Young boy. Here's Vitaly LeBeau: