Film Profile: Endings

Tagline: You don't get to choose.
Written by: Jim McQuaid
Directed by: Jim McQuaid
Cinematography by: Aravind Ragupathi
Cast: Naomi Eckhaus, Tracey Coppedge, Eric Morales, Susannah Hough, J Chachula, Bailey Rose, Riley Hough, Sherri Rose, Adelyn Dean.
Composer: Jay Manley / Doubledecker Bus Music
Running Time: 10:43
Principal Crew: Al Julian was Assistant Producer. Sound recording by Aaron Bittikofer. Other crew included Todd Tinkham, David Pemberton-Smith, Brandi Anderson, Wanda Lilly and Jonathan Serxner.

Current Status: Endings complete

Endings recently screened at the Asheville Film Festival. DVDs are available for those who would like one.