The Turnip Store: "It's All About The Story"

One of the hard lessons in the low-end, indie-wannabe film world is the realization that a fancy camera, or a very very cool drone or scary music isn't what matters in the end, to the audience. The story is the thing. No film can be better than its story (though there are many ways it can be worse, alas).

For yourself, or a story-telling friend, we present the must-have tee shirt of the year:

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The shirt is a black, Gildan 200, heavy-weight cotton. Good for working on set or having a beer with a screenwriter. The Turnip logo appears on the back. The shirt will be mailed (USPS) to you.

If you are local and wish to pick your shirt up in person, you can either email me to arrange a meeting (at a local film event or wherever) OR you can order and I will refund the shipping cost when we meet.


Once upon a time, there were these cool flat, round discs that held a film. They were called DVDs. Apple and Adobe got tired of them first and eventually they kind of died out. However, at the time these films were made, Iindulged in having DVDs of them, usually with an extra or two on them.

It doesn't make much sense to sell them individually any more and you can watch most of these films right on this web site. But if you are sentimental, curious about the extras, or just old-fashioned (no vice in my book), you can get a mess of DVDs pretty cheap:



Trouble In The Water, After The Peak: the end of cheap oil, The Longest 3 Minutes, Eight Lessons in Living Together, Grace Running and Endings.

Guarantees an evening of heartfelt indie film fun!


 The "Eight Lessons" Tee shirt - only a few left!

Only while supplies last.

Lumberton State Men's Tee Shirt

(The alma mater of Roger & Tatum. A mythical school located in or near Lumberton, NC.)

Lumberton State Women's Tee Shirt