Cameras & Other Stuff

Here's the basic gear I work with or have worked with in the recent past.

Notes & highlights
URSA Mini Pro
Professional digital cine camera DCI 4K capable, RAW, ProRes, EF lenses
Panasonic UX180
Camcorder format, DCI 4K capable, zoom: 24mm to 480mm equiv. 120 fps in HD
Canon 5D & 60D
Lenses: 24-105mm L series, 20-70mm, 70-200mm, 100mm Macro, 11-17mm, 50mm f1.4
Camera Support
Multiple tripods, 8' slider, jib crane, skateboard dolly & track
2 1Ks, 2 medium spots (300-500wt), broad lights, reflectors, scrims, diffusion
2 1K softboxes, 3 1x1 LEDs (bi-color)
I have stuff, but you should hire a professional sound person! (lavs, booms, cardiod, XLR cable, etc)

Plus all the other stuff you need to carry around: monitors, reflectors, clips, gaff tape, adapters, tools, flashlights, bug spray.