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For too long I have withheld films in hopes of landing a major film festival or even in hopes of getting 99¢ from viewers. Thanks to a major rethinking of my marketing goals, I am now providing all of my recent (and some even older) films for you to view free on my web site. I'd rather have an audience that knows my work than 99¢ from a dozen anonymous people. Sorry it took me so long to figure that out!

I would love to hear what you think.

Complete information about each of these films can be found on the pages for each individual film, where you will also find the NEW "watch this film" submenu option shown to the right.

 Here are links to all of them in one place

 Individual Films

These are my more serious films.

 Eight Lessons In Living Together

This is an eight-part, funny but truthful look at Roger & Tatum adjusting to living together.

Me (with You)   Here's the Trailer for Eight Lessons In Living Together.
"SCENE"   Lesson #1: Secret Sauce
Memory of a Kiss   Lesson #2: The After Breakfast
Endings   Lesson #3: Rocky Roads
Grace Running   Lesson #4: The Sylvester Affair
Trouble In The Water [SD]   Lesson #5: Too Tired To Tango
    Lesson #6: The Manly Thing
The Longest 3 Minutes [SD] Introducing Roger & Tatum. A little bit serious.   Lesson #7: Honey-Stung Drummettes
    Lesson #8: Big Day