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It's a bit primitive (no "shopping cart" - only one at a time buying) but I have finally put all the things available on a single page for your listening and dancing pleasure. (And take a look at the unique tee shirts created for Eight Lessons In Living Together.)

 Video On Demand

You can rent (99 cents) or purchase ($1.99) our film, Grace Running, online. Click here for details. Let us know if you want access to other titles the same way. If you want the DVD with all the extras on it, order below.


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A non-traditional story structure exploring the death of an elderly Mother. Glass Master DVD guaranteed to play in any DVD player (NTSC/region zero)
Grace Running

The complete 14-minute film plus 99 behind the scenes snapshots, the trailer, pictures of lead, Sydnei Murphy and director, Jim McQuaid. Glass Master DVD guaranteed to play in any DVD player (NTSC/region zero)
Eight Lessons In Living Together

(48 minutes). Special DVD contains all eight episodes of Roger and Tatum coping with living together plus a slide show of extras, a never broadcast TV interview with Roger and Tatum, and the original Roger and Tatum film, The Longest 3 Minutes.
After The Peak: the end of cheap oil

(26 minutes). Turnip's docudrama about the effects of the inevitable rise in oil prices on a typical community. Using the format of a local cable news show, this film looks at the impact on commuters, jobs, the police, agriculture and the food supply, schools and even sports.
Trouble In The Water

(17 minutes) Gary Simmons is troubled by the growing emotional distance between him and his African-American kinsmen. During his morning walk, he resents the intrusion of another. . . . As Gary slowly gets to know his unwanted walking companion, he reflects on the alienations of his youth and is inspired to overcome them.
The Longest 3 Minutes

(5 minutes) We follow the fears, resentments and hopes felt by Roger and Tatum, a young couple facing a challenge: waiting for the timer to ring on the home pregnancy test! See their roller coaster of emotions from the “battle of the sexes,” to anger to remorse, imagination, hope and love as they wait. But then what happens? Needless to say, this is the longest 3 minutes of their life!
included on "Eight Lessons" DVD

DVDs containing all five of the films above, shipped to you in a single package for an incredible discount. Guarantees an evening of quirky indie film fun!

Shipping Costs

Everything is shipped via First-Class mail. A flat fee of $2.00 per DVD (or tee shirt) in the USA and Canada and $4.50 everywhere else covers postage, shipping container and our trip to the post office. However, if you order using the "all five films" bundle, you buy for shipping only once.

Other Fun Stuff

Lumberton State Men's Tee Shirt

(The alma mater of Roger & Tatum. A mythical school located in or near Lumberton, NC.)

Lumberton State Women's Tee Shirt