Film Profile: Eight Lessons In Living Together

Synopsis: Roger and Tatum have just moved in together and they have some lessons to learn about living together.
Written by: Darrell Parker & Jim McQuaid
Directed by: Jim McQuaid
Photographed by: Nic Beery, Aravind Ragupathi, Todd Tinkham and Jack Allen
Lead Actors: Kendall Rileigh & Darrell Parker
Running Time: Eight shorts pretending to be a feature. Total running time 48 minutes.
Principal Crew: Roger Edwards, Bobbi Whittemore, Michel Barachan, Piper Kessler
Music: Music by Jay Manley

Current Status: Eight Lessons is available on DVD

Even though it played at a very small number of festivals, the film won "Best Narrative Feature" at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival and "Best Screenplay" at the Ava Gardner Film Festiva and "Best Director" and "Best Actress (Kendall Rileigh)" at the Sixth New Bern filmmakers Conference. The film is available on DVD from the Turnip Store.

Images: The DVD Cover